Our World – Our Reality

We specialize in the creation of film quality visual effects for augmented reality experiences. When it comes to the AR / VR / XR industry, content is king, and as people continue to spend more and more time in the metaverse, having impressive imagery will be the key to any successful promotional campaign.

Our technology allows our customers to deliver high end augmented reality content anytime, anywhere, from local experiences right on the palm of your hand, to geo localized content deployed at specific times at landmarks around the world. All directly off your mobile browser, no need to download any apps, just scan your experience QR code, follow your custom link and our tech does the rest.  

No scale is to big or too small, the only limit is your imagination.


ARXP was founded by Luis Pages (@PAGESVFX), Visual Effects Supervisor with over 20 years of experience in the film industry creating dynamic simulations and VFX for projects such as Avatar(2010 Best Visual Effects Academy Award winner), Gravity (2014 Best Visual Effects Academy Award winner), Harry Potter 5, Pacific Rim, The Lovely Bones, and many others.

Applying all his industry knowledge, Luis is leading the ARXP team and pushing the limits of all available AR devices to offer our customers the best content available in the market today. 

We believe the metaverse needs to be not only functional but beautiful as well.


Visual Effects - Augmented Reality - NFT Art

Luis Pages (PAGESVFX) Visual Supervisor with over 20 years of experience creating dynamic simulations for films such as Avatar, Harry Potter 5, Gravity, Ice Age 2, The Lovely Bones, The Day the Earth Stood Still, John Carter and many more. 

During my career I worked in some of the top VFX studios in the world such Weta Digital, Industrial Light & Magic, Framestore, The Moving Picture Company, Blue Sky Studios.

As a retired VFX artist and current NFT / crypto trader and investor I decided to take my VFX experience and technical knowledge and merge it with my passion for NFTs and augmented reality.